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Blair Fredericks

Software / Embedded Systems Engineer

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Located in Penticton, BC Canada we offer a complete IoT ecosystem. We design and create wireless sensors, embedded systems and AI based internet applications.

Founder & CEO

IoT That


Having worked for the last 5 years developing high tech sports equipment we evaluated other products with Locate and Anti-theft features.

We found they where dependent on a Smart Phone, had Bluetooth connection issues, needed pairing, limited range, not very loud and had no visual indicators, hence Sela-SG was born.

Sela-SG uses light and sound to locate and secure your skis, skateboard, snowboard, bicycle, surfboard, luggage, backpack, pretty much anything.

No need to take out your Smart Phone, unlock it, launch an app and in the process, risk damaging or losing your very expensive Smart Phone.

Sela-SG works with a four button Fob "Sela-Fob" that fits nicely in the palm of your hand and the buttons can even be pressed while wearing sport gloves.

Simply attach Sela-SG to your sports equipment or personal belongings and activate the Anti-theft alarm.

If Sela-SG detects any motion longer than 3 seconds the Anti-theft alarm is triggered. You can save hundreds even thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

This patent pending device along with new technology uses long range, low power radio frequencies occupying the ISM bands in the wireless spectrum below 1 GHz, this avoids the much more crowded band at 2.4 GHz, where Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other wireless protocols operate.