Locate and Secure Your Things with Loud Bright and Colorful Sela-SG

Simply attach Sela-SG to your keys, pet, skis, snowboard, skateboard, backpacks and more.

No need to take out your Smart Phone, unlock it, launch an app and in the process, risk damaging or losing your very expensive Smart Phone.

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Use Hand Gestures as an Alternative Interface

Sela-SG works with a four button Fob "Sela-Fob" that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Sela-SG can also be activated with simple hand Getures, no button pushing needed.


Imagine all The Possibilities

Sela-SG also guards against theft, just enable Anti-theft mode and If there is any motion for more than 3 seconds the Anti-theft alarm will be triggered. The alarm will only stop when the owner disarms the device.


Secure and Locate Your Gear

Ski Hill

You are skiing along on glorious powder, when pop, you click out of your bindings and your skis are no where to be found. Now Sela-SG will locate your lost skis submerged under the snow up to 1000 Meters (3280 Feet) away.

Secure and locate your skis or snowboard while on the ski rack. Locate your luggage on the airport luggage carousel. Display G-Forces while on your skis, snowboard, skateboard, bicycle. Easily locate your vehicle in a large parking lot, also prevent tampering. Fall detection and damage reduction.

Transform G-Force into Light


Set the G-Force threshold to 1, 2, 3 or 4 Gs and when that G-Force threshold is detected Sela-SG will pulse, Green, Yellow, Blue and Red. You can pull some series Gs and light up the night with your skis, snowboard, skateboard, bicycle or surfboard.

Board Possibilities


Skis, Snowboard, Skateboard.